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Unscrambling the antennas?

Updated April 2019


Under intense political pressure from AT&T the FCC took the position that TVRO ( Television Receive Only) antennas must be of a minimum size (9 meters!) and each applicant for a FCC license must submit a detailed application spelling out the antenna system's performance parameters. Cooper's Experimental Terminal License - WF92 - established through detailed tests, analysis and reports appearing in CATJ (Community Antenna Television Journal) the "9 meter rule" was a totally unnecessary burden for prospective users of satellite relay.


In the CATJ + CSD Anthology, 14 years of technology development in ALL aspects of satellite (and cable TV), during the most intensive period of technological development, preserved for study, exploration, historical perspective. A significant selection of Coop magazines are available on this site (see Library button left lower).


Years ago (2012 and prior) DVD copies of various Coop publications could be ordered. No more. However, they appear for downloading in various forums and prominent in this category is: On their home page locate a series of TV screen boxes, select “Coop’s Chronicles” and there you will find the following: DXing Horizons (1960-1961); CATJ, CSD, CJR (1974-1985); SatFacts (1994-2004); and, narrative “Who Invented CATV” (2013). Dozens of sites have similar materials (example:

VHF-UHF Digest (September 2017) – wtfda)

 and this extensive site is loaded with Coop articles dating from the 1960s. For access to videos reporting on the satellite TV industry development, see “Alternative” here (look left – click) all available through U-Tube.





Video Clips:

















16 minute 176 photo slide show:


TVRO’s Fifth Birthday Party:


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And (“Free, White & 16!”)


video is available from YouTube – see TVRO Glory Days - here under Alternate button (#4 in list)  as;  9 parts to this!).




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